Operating A Closely Held Business

Business People Sitting in an Office Building Having a MeetingOperating a closely held business is a unique challenge, intertwined with the needs of the business, shareholders and the needs of the family members. As your business advisors, we can help you sort through complex business and relationship issues. We can bring you new ideas that have been successful in our other small closely held business clients and serve as a neutral party to ensure successful implementation of those or other ideas.

Common problems:

  • How do I deal with a death or disability of a shareholder/partner?
  • How can I retain employees but not give up ownership?
  • How do I bring my children into the business and avoid conflict?
  • How do I compensate family and nonfamily employees?
  • How do I value my business?
  • What impact does my business have on my retirement plans?
  • How best can I manage my estate?
  • How do I transfer ownership but retain control?

Specialized tax services for closely held businesses:

  • Succession planning/Exit planning
  • Business tax preparation and family tax planning services
  • Family and children tax planning and compliance services
  • Family business valuations
  • Gifting and family compensation planning
  • Business management planning with family members

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please give us a call us at 973-364-0074.